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Following the success of D-Day, the Axis Brotherhood’s leadership realise they may have backed the wrong side, and are desperately trying to reconcile themselves with their Allied brethren before Germany’s inevitable military collapse.

Things start to go wrong for these clandestine negotiators when both the Allied and Nazi intelligence machines start taking an interest in their unauthorised activities.  Both sides have long suspected that the Brotherhood live in a world governed by strict loyalty to that fraternity, and where political ideologies are an expensive luxury.

Sergeant Jacob Small of the US Fourth Infantry finds himself trapped inside a deceptively peaceful research facility as his own latent abilities are awakened by a combination of battle stress and the ruthless physicians of Section 12.

At first the Jonah from Detroit believes he’s been miraculously delivered from the battlefields of France, but soon discovers he faces far greater peril as a deadly tug-of-war develops between the talent scouts closing in around him.  Sergeant Small is eventually forced to face the  revelation that his emerging abnormalities are merely part of a larger archetypal cycle, more ancient and insidious than he could ever have imagined.  Small needs answers, provided he can hold onto his life and his sanity long enough to find them.

In this era of total war, suspicion is the only certainty as the players in this clandestine world use any and all means to further their agendas.  Legitimised authority, criminal networks, hired mercenaries, coercion and murder are all acceptable weapons as war weakened nation states and the Brotherhood wrestle for control of those rare Sensitives who can discover any secret, anywhere.

August 4th 1944.

The Brotherhood of the Shadow are a splintered and divided fraternity.  One faction has been secretly embraced by the leadership of the Third Reich, who view them as a living vindication of their own supremacist vision.  Using the latest technological advances, they have been working to develop so-called “Sensitive” skills on demand for use during military and intelligence operations.  These abilities include telepathy, telekinesis and, most promisingly, remote viewing.  The arms race is careering off the map.

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Section 12 Synopsis

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Hello, and welcome to the Charles Naton website. Here you can preview Section 12, the first in a series of elaborate paranormal thrillers beginning in the final year of WWII and spanning the Cold War period. Book II is scheduled for release in 2013.

I think it’s only fair to mention that I never write about vampires, wizards or space ships. The “real” world is already filled with the most remarkable and unsettling phenomena.

If you’re one of the many readers who’s grown weary of mainstream fiction’s race to the bottom, then read on. This could be just what you’re looking for.