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Latest Updates

24 August 2015  12:06 - Audiobook production is now underway, and I’m also about to open up the media scrapbook which contains previous postings, online articles & press cuttings.

03 August 2015  12:09 - I’m proud to announce that Section 12 is now available in Kindle format. Hop over to Amazon now!

22 July 2015  12:00 - A big thank you to everyone who’s showed an interest in Section 12. It’s a great start!!

20 July 2015  07:50 - Launch day!!! Get your copy from Amazon now!!

18 July 2015  12:21 - Kindle edition signed off, and first peek of the new paperback edition on Amazon. Not available to order yet, but launch day marches ever closer.

10 July 2015  12:52 - Print proof finally signed off!

27 June 2015 14:45 - Media page under construction, and revised proof on its way from the US.

25 June 2015 07:31 - New website up and running.

25 June 2015 07:28 - Proof copy of Section 12 received. It’s very exciting! Only a couple of minor changes needed before I sign off for worldwide distribution.

21 June 2015 09:09 - New website under development. Still awaiting 1st proof copy of Section 12 print edition.

Section 12 Preview Chapter

In a time of total war, the impossible is never inconceivable

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